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Главная » 2016 » Декабрь » 15 » Методическая разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Seasons and holidays"
Методическая разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "Seasons and holidays"

Учитель английского языка
МБОУ "Гимназия №2" г Курчатова
Крючкова Т.А.


-Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our dear teaches and quests! We are glad to welcome you to our English party: “Seasons and holidays”. 
-Dear friends, we are going to take you on an exciting journey through the English Year. We can make a very interesting travelling in different seasons, focus on the most popular British and American holidays and events.
-You will hear some English songs, poems and enjoy the scenes from the history, dialogues, interviews and even dancing. Let us start and greet you with the song “Hello”.


Symphony in Yellow

An omnibus across the bridge
Crawls like a yellow butterfly,
And here and there, a passer-by
Shows like a little restless midge.

Big barges full of yellow hay
Are moved against the shadowy wharf,
And like a yellow silken scarf
The thick for hangs along the quay.

The yellow leaves begin to fade
And flutter from the Temple elms
And at my feet the pale green
Thames lies a rod of rippled jade.

Музыка “Jingle Bells”.
December: Hello! I am the last month of the year, the Christmas month. Do you like Christmas? I do. I like to decorate Christmas tree and give presents to my nearest and dearest.
Вед.- All the friends write  resolutions at Christmas. They promise to be kind and polite next year.  As for me, I promise to be nice to my brother. Christmas is soon. Let’s write the letters to Santa Clause and ask him to give us the Christmas presents. But don’t forget you have to study well and help your parents about the house. 
P1- what present do you want to get?
P2- I would like to get a big toy bear. And you?
P3- And I want to have an interesting book. And you?
P1- I’d like to get a nice doll.
Вед.- Santa Clause has to make many presents for little boys and girls. You see they are waiting for them. Children will be glad and happy to get these toys, animals, balls and dolls. 
December: Very nice. I wish you a merry Christmas.
Дети вокруг ёлочки идут хороводом и поют «Merry Christmas».
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas, 
We wish you a Merry Christmas, 
And a Happy New Year. 

 January: I am glad to see you! I am January. January opens the box of the year and brings out das that are bright and clear. So, I am a cold winter mouth. We celebrate New Year’s Day in January.  I   wish you a happy New Year.
February. I am February, the shortest month of the year. I think you like me very much because this month you can celebrate one of the nicest holidays. It is Valentine’s Day. 

Ведущие о  Дне Святого Валентина 
-So, we get many presents and sweets on New Year’s day and then February is coming and we  are looking forward to another occasion  to be presented. Do you know what holiday we are waiting for?
-Of cause, I do. It is the time of love, Happiness and Beauty! St.Valentine’s  Day!
- (Gives  a flower  to a girl) With lots of love for you. And since you’re very special .Here are hugs and kisses, too.
-There are not so many days in a year when we pronounce these pleasant words. We have an excellent chance to plunge into the atmosphere of love and friendliness .
-What kind of holiday is St.Valentine Day?
-It is very sentimental unofficial holiday which is celebrated on the 14th of February by those who believe in love and friendship.
-One of the early symbols of love is Cupid, the Roman God of love, who is represented as a young boy with a bow and arrow. No one can trace the origin of this European tradition, but the legend tells us a story…
    Звучит музыка, выключается свет, зажигается прожектор, в лучах которого появляется священник. Он идет медленно. В это время звучит голос из-за кулис: «Valentine was a Christian priest in the Roman   Empire 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ”. 
-   My sweetheart, look. I can’t believe it. Is it St. Valentine himself?!
-You are welcome, patron of love!
Священник: My children! I have come from the distant past to remind you of kindness and love, friendship and patience in your wicked world. Not only when it is Valentine’ Day but always, all year through You are thought about with words of love and wished much gladness, too!
-Do please take us back to the first century when the Roman Emperor Claudius II ruled your country.
-All right. May your dreams come true!
Свет  выключается, из-за кулис слышится голос: “ This is the legend of how St. Valentine’s Day began.
-Father. Please. Help us. You know our Roman Emperor Claudius II needs soldiers and he has made a law against marrying.
-He thinks that marriage makes men want to stay at home instead of fighting wars.
St.Valentine: I know my children and I can’t agree  with the Emperor’s decision and I have to marry the young couples secretly. I see you are truly in love. My daughter! My son! I declare you husband and wife!
Звучит марш Мендельсона. Врывается стража.
Стражник 1: Priest ,you have been discovered and condemned to death 
-St. Valentines day is now a day for sweethearts. It is the day when boys and girls, sweethearts and lovers,husbands and wives, friends and neighbors and even the office staff will exchange greetings of affection and undying love.
-Every now and then we can hear the declaration of love…sometimes late as Alexander Pushkin wrote:

I love you once. My love for you. It may be,
Within this heart of mine is still aglow;
But let it not concern you any longer;
I would not have it pain you anymore. 
I loved you once- so hopelessly, in silence,
By shyness now then jealousy beset.
My love for you has been so true, so tender,  
As God may grant, another’s may prove yet.

One of the most famous and loved British bands “The Beatles” performed a lot of songs devoted to love. Let’s enjoy one of them:  «And I love her».
(слайды из презентации «Beatles») , песня «And I love her»(4 гитары, фоно, солистка).
- Sometimes we would like to shout about  the love in all languages of the world : in Russian English French and even in Spanish.
- Love … This topic is one of the oldest and probably most discussed issues in history. Lots of people like watching films about love.
l- Me too. It’s a way to distract from daily routine and to plunge intro dreamland.
- I’m sure you mean the film “Titanic” an epic love story about 17-year old American aristocrat who is engaged to a rich and hateful young man, but falls in love with a free-spirited artist, who won his third –class passage in a card game. It is “Romeo and Juliet” on a sinking ship and has become an international sensation.
- It is the love between the unhappy Rose and the openhearted Jack that occupies stage center.
- Today we have heard poems and songs about love. Now, are you ready to see how to express your feelings through dance?
Танец  под мелодию “Titanic” (диалог, танец)     
R- Hello, Jack. I changed my mind. They said you might be…
J- Shh… Give me your hand. Now close your eyes. Go on. Step up. Now hold on to the railing. Keep your eyes closed. Do you trust me?
R- I trust you.
J- All right.. Open your eyes .
R-  I m flying ! Jack!
J- “Come, Josephine, on my flying machine… going up, she goes , up ,she goes… “
1.Hello!I am March , the first spring month. The sun shines brightly. The sky is blue .It get's waomer. Do you remember what holiday is on the 17th of March.

2.It's st. Patric Day .Do you know the symbols of this holiday ? I have some pictures. Can you about st. Patric Day ?

3.The 17th of March is a national hold do in Ireland. St. Patric Day . People send greeting cards to their friends and relatives. On that day they wear green clothes and a shamrock. A shamrock is the national emblem of Ireland.

Hail,Glorious St. Patric ,
Dear Saint of our Isle 
On us thy puor children 
Bestow a sweet smile
And now thou art high 
In thy mansion above 
On Erin's green valleys 
Look down with thy Love
On Erin's green valleys 
On Erin's green valleys 
On Erin's green valleys 
Look down whith thy Love.
                 (Исполнение ирландского танца)

You are welcome in April. I'm very beautiful spring month. You can see fresh green leaves in the trees and first spring flowers in the fiends and gardens what holiday do the English celebrate in April?
P2.They celebrate Easter Day.(ведущий)
P3.And what Easter oymbols do you know?(вед)
P4.Rabbits soft and cuddy 
Baby chickens , too
Easter eygs for baskets 
White, and pink and blue.
P5.Easter cards of greeting
Music in the air,
Lilies just to tekk us
It's Easter everywhere .
P6.The word ''Easter'' comes from the Ango-Saxon goddess of the down. Her spring fesitifal was celebrated in April. Easter is a chistian festival now. The christans are gladover the fact that Jesus Chist rose from the dead.
P7.Children like Easter very much because it is a tasty holiday .All the families colour eggs and put them into green, yellow and pir baskets . Next morning little children are buse with hunting eggs grass. Children eat a lot of sweets , jeily beans and chocolate bunnies. They play funny games and sing Easter songs .
P8.Bunnie are brown,
Bunnie are white,
Bunnie are always,
An Easter delight.
P8.Bunnie are cuddy ,
The large and the small
But i like chokolate ones
Best of all.

 Diamond Jubilee of Elisabeth II on the throne. 

    The huge Armed Forces Diamond Jubilee Parade and Muster was held to mark the unique relationship between the Armed Forces and the Queen - who serves as their Commander-in-Chief 
    Crowds of onlookers wearing red, white and blue lined the town's streets to greet members of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force as they marched.
    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh drove in a State Bentley through the cheering crowds.
    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh watched with pride today as thousands of troops paraded through Windsor to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.
    The Queen wore a turquoise silk, lace and sequined dress with a matching coat and hat by designer Angela Kelly.
    Philip wore the navy blue uniform of Admiral of the Fleet with the Garter sash.
    He was made Lord High Admiral by the Queen last year
    Some 2,500 servicemen paraded through the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle and then through the town, together with a tri-service Guard of Honour and six military bands. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh watched as thousands of servicemen filed past.

    Her Majesty grins with pleasure as the aircraft move overhead. Also looking up to get a better view are (from left to right on the front row) Prince Andrew, Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards, and Prince Philip.
    The Royal Air Force aircraft provided the highlight for many by producing eye-catching displays.
    RAF aircraft form the number '60' to mark the number of years the Queen has spent on the throne
    The Red Arrows left red, white and blue vapor trails as they flew overhead, above Windsor Castle, the colors of the Union flag.

    Once the Queen had arrived at the arena, hymns were sung and prayers read out before Chief of the Defense Staff, General Sir David Richards, addressed the Queen . 'For six decades, your devotion to duty, sense of honor, and pride in our country have set the standards to which your Armed Forces constantly aspire.
    'Many ships, regiments and air stations have close connections with members of the Royal Family and I have the honor to have two of your grandchildren serving with me today. I thank you for your dedication to our service and to our country.'
    Then the Queen replied with a speech of her own. 'It is a tradition that the Sovereign, and members of the Royal Family, are associated with the Armed Forces and have been proud to serve in all three services.'It is very gratifying to celebrate and take pride in successful achievements, but the real test of character is the ability to maintain morale and a positive spirit in bad times as well as when things are going well.'

    As the troops gathered in formation on the parade arena in front of a stage designed to look like Buckingham Palace, the guests were treated to music played by the combined bands. Bands played new pieces of music written especially for the event
    Other members of the public saw the events unfold on big screens set up at the Long Walk so they could watch the muster taking place inside the arena,
    -60- year reign of Queen Elisabeth II made her a symbol of the 20-21 centuries. She always follows ancient traditions and ceremonies. Her majesty doesn’t give interviews to the press.But let’s imagine one of the halls of Buckingham Palace and Elisabeth II being interviewed by our Russian journalist Арсений Бондарев.  
    Your majesty, being a Queen is a really busy job.  Could you tell us about your  normal working day?
    Of course I get up early and begin the day by looking through the newspapers. Then I read letters from the public I get two hundred to three  hundred  letters every day and tell my staff how I would like them to be answered.
    What do the people write about to their Queen?
    Many are interested in the life of the royal family, others complain that they have problems with the pension.
    Let me return to the daily routine of Your Majesty.
    Then I have daily meetings with my Private Secretary who helps me to go through the paperwork, and lots of meetings with ambassadors, new judges, and bishops.
    Do you have any break for lunch?
    Of course I do. Аfter the audience follows the royal lunch at the round table with a small group of about eight people, there  may be a gardener and the teacher and the famous actress. 
    I’m interested to know  if the favorite dishes of Your Majesty are served at lunch.
    No. There is no favorite menu. I can tell you what is not served exactly – shellfish, because  not all guests like them.
    Another question Your Majesty, how often do you leave London?
    Two or three times a month, sometimes in a special helicopter.
    This is something different than the familiar carriage with horses.
    Exactly. Bur the coach is also in the service as well as the pilots and the drivers.
    It is known  you also have a train.
    It is a special one where it is possible not only to sleep, but also to give the audience.
    I think this is a very difficult time.
 And such thing as a vacation ,do you have this break?
    Yes. I have free time and some private life, but less than most people. I leave London in late July and return in September. At this time there are many tourists on excursion in Buckingham Palace – the monarchy itself must make money to exist. In my spare time I enjoy horse racing, fishing, and walking in the countryside. I also enjoy photography and likes taking photos on my travels.    
    Your majesty, I am very grateful for your favour to being interviewed. Many thanks.
    It was my pleasure, Mr Бондарев.
    (выходят все участники) We would  like to thank all the participants, our subject teachers,  particularly, our English teachers, and our headmaster for permission to express our feelings, great love and wish to speak English, to sing English, and to enjoy English!


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