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Главная » 2015 » Декабрь » 17 » Методическая разработка урока в 6 классе "A trip to London"
Методическая разработка урока в 6 классе "A trip to London"

Учитель английского языка
Коростелев В.Н


Цели урока: 
•    Обобщение изученного материала по теме «A trip to London»
•    Развитие навыков аудирования, чтения и диалогической речи, грамматических и лексических навыков, активизация умений устной речи
•    Повышение интереса учащихся к изучению английского языка
•    Прививать интерес к культуре, традициям, достопримечательностям Великобритании
•    Совершенствование коммуникативной компетентности и умения сотрудничества со сверстниками

Оборудование: компьютер, экран, презентация Power Point  «A trip to London», картинки достопримечательностей Лондона, листки с заданиями для учащихся.


1.    Организационный момент.

- Hello, boys and girls! Sit down, please!  (СЛАЙД 1)
It`s time to start our lesson. How are you? 
We spoke about London a lot at last lessons. Today we will have an unusual lesson .          You must be very attentive and creative. 

2.    Диалоги:
-1.This is great! I have heard and read so much about London. I’ve always wanted to see London. Have you ever been to the  British Museum?
-2.Yes, I have.
-1.How many times have you been there?
-2. Several  times. I’ve seen many places of interest. I hope you’ll  visit London some day.
-1.Let’s  hope. 
-2. And now have a trip with us! There’s so much to visit.
  Teacher: As you know Englishmen have got a good sense of humour. Now let’s listen to the dialogue.

A. Hello, is Nadya in?
-Just a minute.
A. Is that you, Nadya?
N. Yes, it’s me.
A. Are you all right?
N. Yes, I’m fine, thanks.
A. Is your dad in?
N. No, he is not. He is at work.
A. Is your mum in?
N. No, she is  not. She’s out.
A. Let’s go to the park.
N. Yes, OK.
A. How is your cat?
N. What? I have no cat.
A. Sorry. Wrong number.
Teacher: Well, it’s great. We have enjoyed it, thanks a lot. And of course Englishmen can’t live without music, let’s sing a song.

3.    The song «Where are you from»
Where are you from? Where are you from?
‘’I am from London, from Britain,’’ says Tom.
My name is Sasha, her name is Dasha,
We are from Moscow, we are from Russia.
Where is he from? Where is he from?
‘’He’s from America,’’ says little John.
My name is Vova, my name is Vova,
I am from Russia, from Odintsovo.
Where are you from? Where is he from?
Where is she from? Where are they from?

Teacher: Thank you very much! Your singing is brilliant.
And now let’s work and play! So we’ve got two teams «Russia» and «Great Britain».
The first task is: Put letters in a correct order and make the words. (СЛАЙД 2)
bebay    (abbey)
numontme    (monument)
retteha    (theatre)
distamu    (stadium)
liaparmetn    (parliament)
umsemu    (museum)
legalry    (gallery)
nemaic    (cinema)
aresqu    (square)

4.   Обучающиеся описывают достопримечательности представленные в презентации. (СЛАЙДЫ 3-9)
5. Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи.
- Next task for you is to arrange the sentences in a logical order and act out the dialogue.  (СЛАЙД 10)

  • You are welcome. Have a nice day. (6)
  • Good. Go along that street it will lead you to Trafalgar Square. (4)
  • Yes, sure. (3)
  • Oh, no problem. Can you see that street over there? (2)
  • Thanks a lot. (5)
  • Excuse me, could you tell me how can I get to Trafalgar Square. (1)

(После проверки задания заслушиваются 2-3 диалога.)

6. Совершенствование лексических навыков.
1)  Find some London`s attractions in the table and add a necessary word. 
(СЛАЙД 11)

-    Big (Ben)
-    Buckingham (Palace)
-    (The White, the Bloody) Tower (of London)
-    Trafalgar (Square)
-    (The Houses of) Parliament
-    (St. Paul’s) Cathedral
-    Westminster (Abbey)

7.Работа с текстом.
masterpiece – шедевр
Whispering Gallery – Галерея шепота
аcoustiс – акустика
Dome – купол
service – служба
St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the symbols of London. A great English architect Sir Christopher Wren built it. He designed many churches across England but St. Paul’s Cathedral is his masterpiece. It took Christopher Wren 35 years to build it. The work was completed in 1710. The cathedral is 175 m long and 111 m high. The interior of the cathedral is beautiful. There are a lot of mosaic decorations. St. Paul’s Cathedral is famous for the Whispering Gallery. It has unique acoustic. If you whisper anything on one side of the gallery, your words will be heard very clearly on the other side. To get to the gallery we will have to climb 263 steps. If you are not tired and ready to climb another 118 steps, you will be able to stand outside the Dome and enjoy a fantastic view over London.
St. Paul’s Cathedral is a place for many state ceremonies. Every year a special service is held on the occasion of the Monarch’s birthday.
1. Answer the questions.
1.    Who built St. Paul’s Cathedral?
2.    Christopher Wren was a famous architect, wasn’t he?
3.    How long and high is the cathedral?
4.    What can tourists see inside the cathedral?
5.    Why is it worth climbing to the Dome?
6.    What is the Whispering Gallery famous for?
1.    Complete the sentences according to the text.

1.    After looking around the cathedral you can climb … and … the Whispering Gallery.
2.    In 1710 the Cathedral was … .
3.    You can see a lot of beautiful … inside the cathedral.
4.    St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the … .
5.    Every year a special service is held … .

8. Итог урока.Подсчет баллов. Выявление победителей.
- Did you like the lesson? What did you like to do? You have worked great today. Our lesson is over. Good- bye.


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